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Financial Living

#TopFiveFridays — Magazine Blogs for Crazy Motivation

We’re self-improvement junkies. That means we’re always on the lookout for great books, videos, shows, and of course web content to keep us focused and motivated. Of course, with the popularity of motivational content these days, sorting through the mess to find a few gems of wisdom can be a real pain. These are Steve’s …

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#TopFiveFridays — Our Favourite Design Blogs

When you’re running a household and loving the process of beautiful living, it’s inevitable you’ll start looking online for ideas and inspiration. While there’s no shortage of helpful DIYs and tutorials out there, there’s just something special about finding a blogger whose aesthetic and vibe feel comfortable and at home. Our quest for beautiful living …

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#TopFiveFridays — Kitchen Gadgets That Are Totally Worth The Price

Once upon a time, you bought an amazing new labour-saving device that no kitchen should be without. …and then it sat in your closet for seven years until you had a garage sale. But if you’re serious about entertaining, feeding your flock, or just love to cook but maybe don’t have all the time in …

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Kids’ Items You Definitely Should Buy at a Thrift Store

If you have kids, you’re keenly aware of the one major factor they all have in common: They don’t stop growing. And that growing is a big problem for the budget, especially as they go through spurts. Isn’t it fantastic when you can count on them as babies to need new outfits and jammies every …

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Surprisingly Useful Newborn Essentials

When you’re expecting, you’re immediately bombarded with list after list after pin after pin of items and devices you absolutely MUST have in order to make your time with a newborn the most precious and magical months in the history of everything. As it turns out, you probably don’t need about 99% of what’s on …

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