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#TopFiveFridays — Magazine Blogs for Crazy Motivation

We’re self-improvement junkies. That means we’re always on the lookout for great books, videos, shows, and of course web content to keep us focused and motivated.

Of course, with the popularity of motivational content these days, sorting through the mess to find a few gems of wisdom can be a real pain. These are Steve’s top five picks for some of the best content on the web. Whether you’re looking for motivation for health, fitness, personal growth, or business, start your day here and you’ll be fired up to get it done!

Early to Rise

ETR started out as the work of author, Agora Publishing owner, and motivational coach Mark Ford before being taken over by Turbulence Training creator Craig Ballantyne.

Ballantyne is one of the most sought-after fitness and productivity coaches online today. With his shift in focus to the Healthy-Wealth-Wise structure on ETR and the launch a few years ago of his “Perfect Day Formula,” he’s also become known as the most organized man on the Internet.

The content of Early to Rise follows this three-point structure, offering amazing fitness, financial, and personal-development advice on a daily basis. The writing team, including Ballantyne himself, is made up of international contributors who are renowned experts in their own right.

This website is the virtual encyclopedia of success.


The brainchild of Australian serial entrepreneur Joel Brown, Addicted2Success draws on the writing talents of a global authorship in the areas of motivation, business, and lifestyle to create a web magazine packed with highly-charged inspiration and fantastic advice.

A2S is one of my daily reads, because there’s just so much content available it’s hard not to find an article worth reading.

I Am Alpha M

Aaron Marino has been a friend of mine online for nearly a decade. We’ve chatted, conversed, even interviewed for a previous website I ran. And there is nobody I know who is more fired up for business and daily action than Aaron.

Aaron started out as a fitness professional, but changed tacks to become a men’s image consultant. His business, Alpha M Image Consulting, did reasonably well, but really took off when he started posting regular style advice on YouTube. His channel, which now gets daily updates on several streams of content, boasts over 4 million subscribers. The man is a machine!

His website, which started as a membership site but has since transitioned to a free content model, is stellar. It is primarily male-focused, because that’s what he knows. But there’s plenty here anyone can learn from. The content has expanded beyond style to include fitness, nutrition, relationship, and even some business content.

Because Aaron (aka Alpha) has chosen YouTube as his main delivery system, he posts at least a video a day (sometimes more — I’m telling you, he’s a machine). That means the vast majority of I Am Alpha M is video content, which is actually really great to play while working out!

Fearless Motivation

This website is next-level motivation, primarily aimed at fitness motivation. Like I Am Alpha M, Fearless Motivation is predominantly video content, with the inclusion of audio speeches and a full blog. In fact, many of the video pages include transcriptions. You can purchase “albums” for you playlist as well.

In terms of the video and audio content, much of it is aggregated, meaning it’s collected from other sources. The blog content is populated by writers from around the world (much like Addicted2Success). The result is ultra-high impact content that is energetic, powerful, and truly motivational.

If you plan to dominate, make a point to listen to and absorb at least one item from Fearless Motivation daily.


Entrepreneur is the web version of the popular print magazine. As a result, it stores a huge volume of business-related content that’s topical, focused, and easily searchable.

You might not be an entrepreneur yourself. That’s OK. It’s still a great resource for business news, which can help you as an investor make smart choices, or you as a consumer make ethical ones.

I’m a firm believer that your life is a business, and you are the product or commodity in that business. If you understand how the psychology of business works, you can create a message and an approach that aligns with your passions and values. This can lead to better relationships, more opportunities, and even a greater sense of purpose in your career.

Entrepreneur is inspiring, and knowing how to apply the lessons of business leaders to our daily lives is a great leap in thinking that can literally change your life.


aWhat websites do you like to hit up daily for motivation and inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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