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Welcome Back!

New Additions (and Editions)

Wow! It’s been a while!

We came out strong back in January, and built up a bit of a following for our little blog here, but then this new guy showed up and threw our whole lives into…let’s call it a different kind of energy.

Seriously…just getting the chance to sit down and write a few pages here and there is next to impossible with a very needy newborn. And to top that off, his arrival wasn?t what you’d call “easy.” A C-section, followed six weeks later by an appendectomy, followed by…

…let’s leave that there for now. If we get to talking about it we will. Just know that the first few months have been a bit harder than expected.

Now, with our little man approaching six months, we’re coming out swinging with some great homestyle ideas and we’re going to start rolling out posts again. We haven’t settled on a schedule for posts just yet. Hey, we have a business to run too, you know!

One of the things we are going to do is try more #pintest content. That stuff was really popular! And if we can make a few bucks or shed a few pounds along the way, bonus!

So, what else has been going on?

Home Renos:

These have been pretty much stalled. Steve has to get that living room built-in project back on track in the next couple of weeks. We also had some issues with water runoff to the neighbour’s yard (ours is graded much higher than theirs), so that’s an added expense we weren’t expecting.

After the beautiful installation of our new stamped concrete front steps, we noticed the parging on the bottom had cracked up pretty badly over the winter. The surface was also heavily damaged as well, so we’ll need to tackle that with some release powder and a sealer. We’ll DIY a fix for that mess. You’ll love it. We hope.

Summer Vacation:

Not much of one for us grownups, but our DD has had a few weeks off now. We weren’t sure what to do with her this year. We didn’t want to send her to day camp every week (that’s expensive, and we’re on a mat leave budget). We also didn’t want to just have her sit on her computer watching YouTube for 12 hours a day (which she absolutely would do).

We harkened back to our childhoods, when, “I’m bored,” was usually met with, “go outside and don’t come back until supper.”

Our neighbourhood is a little out of the way, but there is a park nearby and there are kids around. And she knows how to operate a bicycle and a garage door opener. But, she hasn’t had a full summer off to just veg out as we’ve always had her in camps or daycare, so coming up with ways to keep herself busy isn’t something she’s trained in.

We fixed that. If she wants time on her computer and her Switch, she has to earn it.

BTW: Nintendo Switch has a handy parental control app for your iPhone or Android, so you can budget time and take care of online communications on that device. Cool, huh?

We created a simple daily schedule that outlines the things she needs to get done in order to earn some electronics (not including family sitcom time before bed). If you’re stuck in the same way, you can download the free Excel template HERE.

The Cat:

This was the saddest part of our summer so far. Steve’s cat, Machka, started getting very sick. It was a sudden thing: peeing on the floor because she couldn’t climb into her litter box. Not eating or drinking. Her back legs giving out. A visit to the vet revealed that she had become very dehydrated, had a badly impacted bowel, and was in a tremendous amount of pain. His idea was we could either put her on an I.V. drip to rehydrate her, then give her a pain killer and a laxative (the painkiller, by the way, would be a permanent medication and would likely cause ongoing constipation), or help her over the rainbow bridge.

She was 18 years old. Probably Steve’s oldest friend, and one who’s lived with him for her entire life. The amount of pain she was in was approaching insurmountable, and her hips would never work properly again. It was a tough decision, given everything else going on. But it was the best decision for her.

Machka, bein’ all gangsta.

The New Guy:

Yes! We do have a bouncing baby boy. And holy hannah, does he bounce! At first he had a little trouble gaining weight, but once he kicked it up he got chunky baby legs in no time!

At just six months of age, he’s graduated to the second level on his exersaucer, and is insane about his Jolly Jumper! But, shock of shocks, he’s also cut both bottom teeth and one and a half upper teeth already!!

Yup…poor Amanda has to work around those chipmunk chompers at mealtime. Luckily he’s also comfortable on a bottle, and has been rocking the pureed fruits and veggies for about a month now, so there’s a little respite from that.

Oh…and that belly crawl! OMG…squeeee!!! He’s motorin’…which means we need to do some serious hustle on those baby gates! [OK OK…I’m on it! Jeez ~ S.]

We’ve just started sleep training in the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t been easy. Right from about two months old he started sleeping through the night, but that was when he fell asleep at an 8-ish p.m. feeding, and then another 10-ish p,m. feeding. The goal, though, is to have him in bed at a regular baby time; about 7-8 p.m.. That part has been tricky. He doesn’t like to put himself to sleep. But once he does calm down in the crib, he’s there until 6 a.m., so we’re on the right track.

Now…if we could just get him convinced to nap.

aSo, that’s the bulk of what’s going on over at Pin Warriors command. What’s up with you guys? What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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