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Chicken Carbonara

I found this recipe on Instagram, but we’ve added a few little tweaks of our own, like taking out the nuts and adding mushrooms. We were going to make a homemade pasta, but decided we were just too hungry to wait and went with a store-bought fresh pasta.

Linguine is fantastic for holding the sauce.

Another tweak was the portion size. We basically cut Giada?s measurements in half, because 2 lbs of spaghetti was just way too much for the two of us.

All that said, let’s dig in!


2.5 oz bacon, diced

3 garlic cloves diced

? a yellow onion diced

1 cup white or cremini mushrooms, sliced and chopped


1 cup whipping cream (35%)

2 tbsp butter

2 egg yolks

1/2 to 2/3 cup grated fresh parm

2 tbsp fresh chopped basil

2 tbsp dry parsley


1 lb (or so) of fresh pasta. Either homemade or cheater version

1/2 tsp Lemon zest.


Cooked chicken breast, shredded. (This is a great time to use up that leftover Costco rotisserie chicken!)


In a large heavy pan, heat the olive oil and bacon until the fat renders and it starts to get crispy. Then add the onion, garlic, and mushrooms. Heat until everything is cooked down, light brown and crispy. Remove from heat.

In a bowl, separate two large egg yolks and whisk them. In a small saucepan over medium low heat, gently heat cream and butter until hot but not boiling, stirring constantly. Add basil and parsley and stir until warmed.

While constantly stirring, add the cream mixture a little at a time to the egg yolks. This has to be done SLOWLY to avoid making scrambled eggs. However, it will ensure the eggs are fully cooked. When about half of the cream has been added, pour it all back into the saucepan and place back on medium low heat, stirring constantly. Add parmesan and a dash of lemon zest. Heat until the cheese is melted and sauce is nice and creamy.

Meanwhile, get your pasta cooking! We used about half of one of these packages of fresh pasta from Metro.

Drain the pasta. Add the chicken to the bacon pan and heat. Then add the pasta and the cream sauce, stir it all together. Top with a little more lemon zest and EAT IT!


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